Rock Your Locks: Best 80s Hairstyles for Long Hair


In the 1980s, people wore their hair in a variety of styles that were daring and colourful, with a wide range of textures, layers, and embellishments. Celebrities and hairstylists alike are fully embracing the expressive and whimsical spirit of hairstyles from the 1980s, which means that many of these famous designs are still relevant today.

Express Yourself: 80s Ponytail Hairstyles

The 80s were known for their high and statement ponytails. From sleek and high to crimped and voluminous, ponytails were a popular choice. Side ponytails also gained popularity, often adorned with colorful scrunchies and other hair accessories. These ponytail hairstyles were a fun and easy way to showcase your style and add a touch of the 80s to your look.

One iconic 80s ponytail hairstyle was the high ponytail. This style involved gathering all the hair at the crown of the head and securing it tightly with a hair tie. The higher the ponytail, the more dramatic the look. This hairstyle was often seen on celebrities like Madonna, who added their own unique flair to the trend.

Another popular ponytail variation was the crimped ponytail. Crimping the hair with a crimping iron added texture and volume to the ponytail, creating a bold and edgy look. This style was often paired with colorful scrunchies or ribbons for an extra dose of 80s style.

80s Hairstyles
80s Hairstyles

The side ponytail was a trendy choice in the 80s, often worn by both celebrities and everyday individuals. This hairstyle involved gathering the hair to one side of the head and securing it with a hair tie. Side ponytails were often adorned with bowsclips, or headbands, adding a playful and feminine touch to the look.

Ponytail HairstyleDescription
High PonytailA sleek and high ponytail secured at the crown of the head.
Crimped PonytailA textured ponytail created by crimping the hair with a crimping iron.
Side PonytailA ponytail gathered to one side of the head, often adorned with accessories.

These 80s ponytail hairstyles allowed individuals to express their creativity and embrace the playful spirit of the era. Whether you opted for a sleek high ponytail, a textured crimped ponytail, or a flirty side ponytail, these hairstyles were a simple yet effective way to rock the 80s look. So grab your scrunchies and hair accessories, and get ready to express yourself with some fabulous 80s ponytail hairstyles!

Bigger is Better: Big Hair 80s Styles

The 80s were all about embracing volume and making a statement with big hair. Voluminous hair was a major trend, and people went to great lengths to achieve that larger-than-life look. Teased hairblowouts, and the use of mousse were key elements in creating these iconic 80s hairstyles.

Teasing the hair was a popular technique to add height and fullness. By backcombing sections of the hair at the roots and then smoothing the top layer, a towering hairstyle with lots of volume was created. This technique, paired with generous amounts of hairspray, ensured that the hair stayed in place throughout the day.

Blowouts were another way to achieve big hair in the 80s. Using a round brush and a blow dryer, hair was lifted at the roots and blown out to create volume and bounce. This technique was particularly popular for those with naturally straight hair, as it added texture and movement to their locks.

Mousse was a staple product in every 80s hairstyling routine. Applied to wet hair before blow-drying, mousse helped to add body and hold to the hair, resulting in voluminous and bouncy styles. It also provided a lightweight and flexible hold, allowing for easy manipulation of the hair into various shapes and heights.

The big hair trends of the 80s were a bold and expressive way to showcase individuality and confidence. These larger-than-life hairstyles made a statement and continue to be iconic looks that are celebrated and recreated today.

Crimped and Textured: The Iconic 80s Hairstyles

The 80s introduced a wave of bold and edgy hairstyles, and one of the most iconic looks of the era was crimped and textured hair. Crimping irons became a must-have tool, allowing individuals to achieve zig-zag waves and add volume and texture to their locks. Both men and women adopted this trend, making crimped 80s hair a representation of the era’s expressive and rebellious spirit.

With crimped hair, individuals could take their hairstyles to new heights, quite literally. The textured nature of crimped hair added extra volume and body, creating a striking and attention-grabbing look. From short pixie cuts to long flowing locks, crimped and textured hair became a versatile trend that could be adapted to suit any length and style.

Aside from the crimping ironstyling products such as volumizing mousse and hairspray played a crucial role in achieving the perfect crimped 80s hairstyle. These products helped to enhance the texture and hold the waves in place, ensuring a long-lasting and statement-making look. The result was voluminous curls and zig-zag waves that added a touch of playfulness and individuality to every hairstyle.

The crimped and textured 80s hairstyles have continued to inspire and influence hair trends today. Modern interpretations of this iconic look can be seen on fashion runways and red carpets, as well as in everyday street style. Whether it’s adding a few crimped sections to a sleek updo or fully embracing the textured look, crimped 80s hair offers a unique and daring way to express creativity and make a statement with your hairstyle.

Celebrity Inspiration: Iconic 80s Hairstyles

The 80s were a decade of iconic hairstyles, often inspired by the bold looks worn by celebrities of the time. From Madonna’s voluminous curls to Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle, these celebrity 80s hairstyles continue to inspire and influence hair trends today.

Madonna’s hair was synonymous with the 80s. Her signature style featured big, bouncy curls that exuded confidence and glamour. This look was achieved by using large curling irons and plenty of hairspray to create volume and hold. Madonna’s hairstyle became an iconic symbol of the 80s and remains a popular choice for those seeking retro inspiration.

Farrah Fawcett’s feathered hairstyle was another standout look of the 80s. Many people imitated her layered, tousled hair with flipped-back ends, which became known as the “Farrah Fawcett hairstyle.” Achieving this style required regular blowouts and the use of a round brush to create volume and movement. Farrah’s hairstyle became a timeless classic and continues to be a source of inspiration for hairstylists and individuals today.

Dolly Parton’s big, poofy hair was a reflection of her larger-than-life personality. Her teased and voluminous hairstyle was achieved through backcombing and the use of hairspray. Dolly’s hair was a true embodiment of the 80s aesthetic, with its height and drama making a bold statement. Her hairstyle, just like her music, became an iconic symbol of the era.

Cyndi Lauper was known for her colorful and wild hair, which perfectly matched her vibrant personality. Whether it was bright pink, blue, or a combination of rainbow hues, Cyndi’s hair was always a standout. Her unique and playful hairstyles showcased the fun and creative spirit of the 80s, inspiring others to embrace their individuality and experiment with their own looks.

The celebrity 80s hairstyles of Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, Dolly Parton, and Cyndi Lauper reflected the bold and expressive nature of the era. These iconic looks continue to inspire and make a statement today. Whether you’re looking to recreate the voluminous curls of Madonna or the feathered layers of Farrah Fawcett, there’s an 80s celebrity hairstyle that can infuse your look with retro flair and timeless appeal.

Retro Perfection: Vintage 80s Hairstyles

The 80s brought forth a wave of vintage-inspired hairstyles that perfectly embodied the essence of the era. From the iconic shag haircut to the infamous mullet and the timeless perm, these retro 80s hairdos continue to make a statement today.

The shag haircut, popularized by stars like David Bowie, was a signature look of the 80s. This layered and textured hairstyle exuded an effortlessly cool vibe, with its tousled locks and face-framing layers. It remains a go-to choice for those seeking a retro yet modern look.

The mullet, famously rocked by Billy Ray Cyrus, is a hairstyle that is impossible to forget. Short in the front and long in the back, the mullet was a bold and daring choice that perfectly encapsulated the 80s spirit. While it may have fallen out of mainstream popularity, some individuals still embrace the mullet’s edgy and unconventional appeal.

The perm was another beloved trend of the 80s, creating permanent curls and waves that added volume and retro flair to any hairstyle. While the tight and over-processed perms of the past may be less popular today, a modern interpretation of the perm can add a touch of vintage charm to long hair.

Vintage 80s Hairstyles Table

HairstyleDescriptionIconic Examples
Shag HaircutA layered and textured hairstyle with face-framing layers.David Bowie
MulletA short front and long back hairstyle that is boldly unconventional.Billy Ray Cyrus
PermA treatment that creates permanent curls and waves, adding volume and retro charm to any hairstyle.Julia Roberts

“The 80s brought forth a unique blend of vintage and contemporary styles, creating a fashion revolution that continues to inspire today.”

Express Your Creativity: 80s Hair Accessories

The 80s hairstyles were not complete without the bold and vibrant hair accessories that adorned long locks. From scrunchies and headbands to bowsclips, and banana clips, these accessories were a crucial part of the 80s hair fashion. They allowed individuals to express their creativity and add an extra touch of fun to their hairstyles.

The Variety of 80s Hair Accessories

The 80s offered a wide range of hair accessories to choose from. Scrunchies, made from colorful fabrics, were a popular choice to hold ponytails and add a pop of color to any hairstyle. Headbands, whether thin or thick, were often worn for both practical and fashionable purposes. Bows were another favorite accessory, placed strategically to highlight the hair’s texture and volume.

“These hair accessories added a touch of fun and playfulness to 80s hairstyles, making them even more memorable.”

Clips, whether adorned with flowers, pearls, or other decorative elements, were used to secure hair in various updos and half-updos. The infamous banana clips, known for their unique shape, were a staple of the 80s hair fashion, allowing individuals to create intricate styles with ease.

Reviving 80s Hair Accessories Today

The yearning for 80s hairstyles has resulted in a revival in the prevalence of these emblematic hair adornments.   In the present day, individuals are adopting the 80s fashion trend with a contemporary touch, integrating scrunchies, headbands, bows, clips, and banana clips into their modern appearances.   These items provide a nostalgic aesthetic and enable individuals to showcase their unique personal style. 

If you desire to replicate a genuine 80s hairstyle or infuse a touch of nostalgia into your current appearance, do not hesitate to explore the diverse selection of hair accessories from the 80s.   Unleash your artistic expression and allow your hair accessories to make a striking statement, reminiscent of the iconic haircuts from the unforgettable 80s.

Embrace the Volume: Achieving 80s Hairstyles for Long Hair

When it comes to achieving authentic 80s hairstyles for long hair, the key is embracing volume. The 80s were all about big, bold styles that showcased texture and height. To achieve this iconic look, styling products are essential. Hair spray, mousse, and volumizing products will help you create the full-bodied, gravity-defying hair that defined the era.

Start by applying a volumizing mousse to damp hair, focusing on the roots. This will add lift and body to your locks. Then, use a round brush while blow-drying your hair to create maximum volume. Once your hair is dry, you can add even more volume by backcombing or teasing sections of your hair near the roots.

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To hold your 80s hairstyle in place, reach for a strong-hold hairspray. This will ensure that your voluminous hair stays put throughout the day. Don’t be afraid to layer on the hairspray for extra hold and durability.

“Achieving the perfect 80s hairstyle is all about embracing the volume and playing with different texturizing techniques. Don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your hair. The 80s were all about self-expression, and your hairstyle is a perfect way to showcase your personality.”

Table: Must-Have Styling Products for 80s Hairstyles

Hair SprayA strong-hold hairspray is essential for keeping your 80s hairstyle in place. Look for one that offers long-lasting hold and shine.
MousseApply mousse to damp hair to add volume and body. Look for a volumizing mousse that provides lift without weighing down your hair.
Volumizing PowderVolumizing powders are great for adding texture and grip to your hair, making it easier to create voluminous styles.
Teasing CombA teasing comb is a must-have tool for achieving 80s volume. Use it to backcomb or tease sections of your hair near the roots.

With the right styling products and techniques, you can achieve the iconic 80s hairstyles for long hair. Embrace the volume, have fun with your hair, and let your personality shine through your bold and expressive locks.

Rock the 80s: Incorporating 80s Hairstyles Today

The 80s hairstyles have made a comeback in recent years, with modern interpretations of these iconic looks. Hairstylists have embraced the retro inspiration and updated the 80s hairstyles to suit the current trends. Whether it’s adding a modern twist to the big and voluminous styles or incorporating elements of the 80s into current haircuts and colors, these hairstyles allow individuals to rock the 80s with a contemporary edge.

One way to incorporate 80s hairstyles today is by adding a modern twist to the big and voluminous looks that defined the era. Instead of going for excessive height and teasing, hairstylists now focus on creating controlled volume with strategic backcombing and the use of lightweight products. This ensures that the style remains trendy and wearable for everyday occasions.

Another way to embrace the 80s hairstyles is by incorporating elements of the era into current haircuts and colors. This can involve adding layers and texture to create a modern version of the shag haircut or embracing the perm for a retro-inspired curly look. Stylists can also experiment with vibrant highlights or bold color choices to give the hairstyle a retro feel.

“The 80s hairstyles have a timeless appeal that continues to inspire and captivate.” – Hairstylist

Whether you’re attending a themed party or simply want to make a statement, incorporating 80s hairstyles today allows you to embrace the retro trend in a way that suits your personal style. By blending modern interpretations with the iconic looks of the past, you can rock the 80s with confidence and create a hairstyle that is uniquely yours.

Table: Modern Interpretations of 80s Hairstyles

80s HairstyleModern Interpretation
Big and Voluminous HairControlled volume with backcombing and lightweight products
Crimped and Textured HairTexturized waves with a flat iron or braiding techniques
80s Shag HaircutModern layered haircut with retro-inspired texture
PermRetro-inspired curly hairstyle with a modern twist
Colorful HighlightsVibrant color choices to add a retro feel

As the saying goes, everything old is new again, and this holds true for 80s hairstyles. By incorporating modern interpretations and adding personalized touches, you can embrace the retro inspiration and rock the 80s with updated looks that are both stylish and nostalgic.

The Nostalgia of 80s Hairstyles

The 80s hairstyles evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting us back to a time of boldness and creativity. These iconic looks hold a timeless appeal, capturing the essence of an era that celebrated individuality and self-expression through hair. The memorable looks of the 80s continue to inspire and make a statement today, as they have once again found their place in the fashion cycle.

With their voluminous curls, crimped textures, and big hair styles, 80s hairstyles have left an indelible mark on popular culture. They were more than just hairstyles; they were statements of identity and personal style. From Madonna’s iconic curls to Farrah Fawcett’s feathered locks, these looks not only defined the 80s but have become timeless symbols of an era.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a resurgence of 80s hairstyles with a modern twist. Today, hairstylists and individuals alike are embracing the retro inspiration and incorporating updated elements into their looks. The vibrant colors, bold accessories, and voluminous styles of the 80s are once again celebrated for their ability to add flair and individuality to any hairstyle.

As we look back at the nostalgia of 80s hairstyles, we are reminded of the timeless appeal they hold. These memorable looks continue to captivate and inspire, proving that style is cyclical and that the influence of the past is never truly forgotten. So whether you’re looking to channel your inner Madonna or add a touch of 80s flair to your everyday style, the nostalgia of 80s hairstyles offers a timeless avenue for self-expression and fashion experimentation.


The 80s hairstyles for long hair showcased a bold and vibrant era of hair fashion. From big and voluminous styles to crimped and textured looks, the 80s embraced creativity and expression. Celebrities and everyday individuals alike adorned their locks with accessories and experimented with different cuts and textures.

While the 80s may be a thing of the past, the hairstyles from that era continue to inspire and make a statement today. 


Q: What are some iconic 80s hairstyles for long hair?

A: Some iconic 80s hairstyles for long hair include the mullet, feathered hair, high ponytail, side ponytail, teased hair, and the classic 80s hairstyle.

Q: How can I achieve an 80s feathered hairstyle?

A: To achieve an 80s feathered hairstyle, you can use a blowout technique or create loose curls with a curling iron and then brush them out for a feathery, voluminous look.

A: Popular 80s hairdos for women that you can try in 2023 include the high ponytail, side ponytail, updo with a scrunchie, braided hair, and the classic 80s hairstyle with big curls.

Q: How can I style my long hair in a classic 80s shag haircut?

A: To style your long hair in a classic 80s shag haircut, you can create layers and add texture using a texturizing spray or mousse to achieve the signature shaggy look of the 80s.

Q: Are 80s hairstyles for women back in trend in 2023?

A: Yes, 80s hairstyles for women are back in trend in 2023, and they are better than ever with modern-day iterations that offer a fresh take on the classic looks from the 1980s.

Q: How can I create a whale spout hairstyle with long hair?

A: You can create a whale spout hairstyle with long hair by teasing the hair at the crown of your head to create volume and then tying it around to form a high ponytail or updo with a lifted top of the head.

Q: What are some tips for maintaining and caring for long hair with 80s hairstyles?

A: Some tips for maintaining and caring for long hair with 80s hairstyles include using hair mousse for hold and volume, brushing your hair gently, using hair clips to keep your hair back, and protecting your hair from damage.

Q: Can 80s hairstyles for long hair work for different hair types?

A: Yes, 80s hairstyles for long hair can work for different hair types including fine hair, curly hair, and even hair with extensions, as you can customize the styles to suit your specific hair type and look.

Q: What are some modern twists I can add to classic 80s hairstyles for long hair?

A: Some modern twists you can add to classic 80s hairstyles for long hair include incorporating hair bands, trying out subtle variations of the styles, and blending them with contemporary hair looks and accessories.

Q: Are there any specific 80s hairstyles suitable for short hair?

A: Yes, there are specific 80s hairstyles suitable for short hair such as the high pony, layered short hairstyles, and teased hair looks that capture the essence of the 80s while complementing short hair lengths.

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